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Welcome to - companion site to the the 80breakdowns blog and proof that driving halfway across the globe in a preposterously unsuitable vehicle isn’t actually such a bad idea...

Spring 2013 - V8Nam

The follow up trip to the African Porsche Expedition: A V8-powered burble from the UK to Vietnam.

Forthcoming trips...

The African Porsche Expedition

13,500 amazing miles from England to South Africa - in a Porsche 944.

The 80 Breakdowns blog

Around the world in 80 breakdowns - up to the minute information on current trips.

Quick Links...

The African Porsche Expedition - Trip Report 1 - England to Serbia.
Hell Freezes Over - Trip Report
The Mongol Rally - Trip Report 1

December 2012 - we have cars for our trip to Vietnam!  Click here for more info.


September 2012 - Survival of the Quickest is now available...


June 2012 - a 2,900 mile drive to the Sahara and back, in a V8-powered Rover P6.  Trip report here.


March 2012 - Trip report and further information about the Baltic Ice Road Expedition - a 5,000 mile lap of the Baltic, to drive the ice roads which form on the frozen Baltic sea.


February 2012 - The 80breakdowns blog is launched.


What’s new...

Survival of the Quickest

The book...

Have you ever found yourself laying in bed at night, wondering what would happen if you tried to drive across the Middle East and Africa in a rickety old sports car?  Of course you have!

Well wonder no more.  Survival of the Quickest, the book describing the African Porsche Expedition in all its gritty glory, is now available to buy in paperback and Ebook format. Click the image below for inside information, sample chapters and details of where you can get your copy.